This is Who I Am!

When it comes to the ministry and being a minister of the Gospel, honesty is the best policy. Trying to be something or someone you are not will get you into trouble, sooner or later. So, I am writing this to be open, honest, transparent, and real. I just can’t pretend to be reaching for something or accomplishing something that is not true to my core or true to my calling.
What I am sharing is my passion. Pure and simple. It is what I have given my life to do, because it is what Jesus called me to do, and, without being proud in an arrogant kind of way, I am good at what God has called me and anointed me to do.
I am a teacher. Yes, I am a minister, but I minister by and through teaching. I am not desirous of be famous, having accolades from thousands of people, or known around the world. I do what I do to an audience of One, His name is Jesus Christ. If I please Him, then I know I did a good job.
I enjoy what I do; I have a good time doing what I do; and I am at my best when I am doing what He called me to do, which is to teach His Word to help His people grow up spiritually. I don’t teach the fads. I don’t teach to tickle ears. I don’t teach to develop a following. I teach to produce maturity in the people of God.
I am not interested in making everybody feel good, although I don’t teach in a way that makes people feel bad. I just don’t concern myself with teaching to get an emotional response. I teach to produce the fruit of maturity and fruitfulness in the Christian walk. I teach to get results.
I also teach with an ear to the Holy Spirit and gladly step aside to let Him manifest if He so desires. I don’t care if He messes up my message, for I am not the one in charge, Jesus is, and the Holy Spirit is His communicator to the church. When He wants to do something or say something, I will gladly get out of the way, and let Him take over.
If you want to grow up spiritually; if you want to learn how to know the Word and live the Word; if you are tired of milk toast messages that make you feel good, leave you clueless how to walk in real victory, then you will enjoy my teaching. If you want to learn the Word of God and be able to connect the dots on what the will of God is for your life, you will enjoy my messages.
If you want to play the religious game, and just use church as a means of checking off your religious to do list, don’t bother. You will be completely uncomfortable while I teach. For one thing, you will actually need to bring a Bible, and you will need to take notes. Also, if you like short sermons, you will hate my teaching. You can’t grow up on genetically altered Bible that is doled out in twenty minute talks. I don’t talk, I teach!
So, I just thought I would put this out for everyone to read and understand what you will get when you come to Harvestfire Church. You have been warned! See you Sunday!