Harvestfire Church is a church with Partnership in mind from the ground up.

In June 0f 1994, while Pastor Bill was seeking the Lord on instructions concerning the vision and structure of Harvestfire, he heard the Lord say, “I want you to build Harvestfire with partnership in mind from the ground up.”

Pastor Bill has this to say about what the Lord told him to do:

“I thought I knew and understood what the Lord was wanting me to do where partnership is concerned. And, I did act on what I knew and established the church with three main partnerships with ministries that had been instrumental in the growth and development of my own spiritual life and the development of my ministry.”

“However I have come to discover that while I did have some understanding that the pastor of a church and the church members function together in a partnership, I have just recently had a major revelation of what the Lord had intended me to do where this is concerned all along.”

“This has initiated a complete rebuild of the spiritual structure of the church from the ground up to incorporate the fuller understanding that the Holy Spirit has given to me. As a result, those who come to Harvestfire and feel impressed of the Lord to become a part of the church family do so now by becoming a partner with Lorie and me so that they can become a true partaker of the grace we walk and minister in as pastors.”

“This produces a divine connection between Lorie and me and our partners that enables us to experience an exponential multiplication of the grace and anointing that is being ministered to our partners; a powerful heart connection between us and our partners; a greater sense of family among our partners; and gives all of us an ability to accomplish so much more than we could with the church membership template.”

“Understand, I am not saying that churches that accept church members instead of partners are wrong. Certainly not! I do believe that with time, more and more pastors will find the Holy Spirit leading them to consider partnership as a way to increase the connection they have with the people who are truly called to be a partner with them in ministry to help those pastors accomplish everything that God has called them to do, as well as the pastors being able to minister to their partners in ways that the traditional pattern of church membership could not accomplish.”

“I also want to state categorically that the motive and purpose of partnership, as I understand it and teach it, is not focused on money. Certainly, financial support of the church and its ministries is involved, but this is the least important aspect of partnership. Spiritual supply is the most important dimension of partnership as I teach it and live it. Without the pastor and the partners offering their respective spiritual supply in faith, grace, prayer, and joint-participation in ministry the financial side of things is essentially worthless from a kingdom of God perspective.”