Hello Everybody!

My, my what a time to be alive and serving the Lord! This is a season of all kinds of new things here at Harvestfire and frankly, we are having to run to keep up with it all!

The new website is up and running now and Lorie and I are so excited about all the new and powerful ways we can bring the uncompromised Word of Faith to all who visit it. Over the next few days and weeks we will be adding more and more things that will minister to you and bless you.

Some things are available right now. You can go to our media page and listen to the latest messages I have ministered at Harvestfire, as well as messages going back a good bit of time in the past. I will be adding some more blogs that are designed to feed you faith on different subjects from the Word. And, there is our PDF uploads of my weekly devotional called “Weekly Wisdom” that you can read right off the web page, or download for your own copy.

In the very near future I will be doing some video blogging, as well as producing teaching videos which will be available on YouTube. We are believing God to get the equipment and people to get our services up on both audio and video live streaming as soon as possible.

Keep checking back on a regular basis, and keep tabs on our progress through our church Facebook page as we will be announcing new additions to the website there and on Twitter, too!

My heart and my calling is to help you grow up spiritually and develop your faith to a very high degree of fruitfulness. I have been at this for almost 40 years and by the grace and help of the Holy Spirit I have a pretty good track record, so hook up with me and let me have the honor of helping you reach your highest potential in Christ Jesus!

Until my next blog, just remember…

I love you, and God loves you, and…

Jesus is Lord!

Pastor Bill Dennington

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